Worship Goddess Durga This Navratri – Puja Rituals, Ingredient & Methods


Every pole prays to God for good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in life. Navratri Puja is the biggest and longest festival celebrated in all over India. Every people and every corner of country gets spiritual during these nine days of puja. Every Indian prays to Godess Durga Ji and celebrates the most spiritual festival of India. Every aged people take a full participation in Navratri festival.

Steps to celebrate Navratri Puja:-

Do following things before starting Navratri Puja:-

1.    Cleanliness is next to godliness. Follow this saying and get house cleaned up properly.

2.    Collect mango leaves and put in on every entrance of home

3.    Draw a beautiful art for Devi Durga, this should be of rice flour.

4.    Collect all elements which will be used in Prasad and store it.

Collect all Puja Samagri like:-

1.    Kalash

2.    Coconut

3.    Prasad

4.    Aarti Thali

5.    Sweets and Fruits

6.    Sindoor for Tilak

Navratri Puja Vidhi:-

Navratri Puja begins with Sthapna of Kalash. Kalash is very scared one and is a form of Devi Durga ji. On the mouth of kalash pot a coconut is kept with mango leaves. Kalash is always kept of rice surrounded with decorated flowers and kumkum powder.

  • After the procedure of kalash sthapna, people do their pooja in normal course and read a lot of Durga shaloks of Durga ji. They read holy books of Durga ji and do aarti as an ending of pooja.
  • Every morning and evening pooja is followed with proper routine and aarti is sung in chorus. This constant procedure goes on for nine consecutive days and ends up on ninth day.
  • The last day small underage girl children are called upon in houses to have delicious foods as Prasad. These girl children are considered to be form of Durga ji, so they are welcomed with warm welcome and proper gesture, and given adieu with gifts to make them happy.
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