Spiritual Journey of River Ganga


Ganga is the holiest river in India. Story and tales of river Ganga posted in epic is also very interesting one. According to epic; Ganga came down on earth by considering after the devotion and scarification of Bhagirathi, when there was a need of this holy river on earth. Ganga originated from hair locks of Lord Shiva, residing on Mount Kailas. This river is too holy and served only to Gods and Goddesses, but Bhagirathi made it come down on earth. It is a strong belief that taking bath in Ganga washes away the past sins.

From the ice glaciers of Himalayas, Ganga originates and passes many valleys, mountain area, rocks, and forests to come down on slope of earth. Rishikesh is the first place located in foothills of Himalaya, welcoming Ganga for her plain land journey. All devotees reach Rishikesh and Ganga city Haridwar for taking holy dip and bath in Ganga River. After these two main holy cities Ganga flows through many cities of India. Many festivals and fair are also related to holy Ganga as Kumbh mela.

Varanasi, Prayag, Allahabad are other major cities known for Ganga and Sangam. In prayag, five major holy rivers meet with each other. All these rivers are considered to be as sisters of Ganga. A dip over here in Sangam is too sacred and opens the path of heaven after the death, by washing away all sins. Dip in Ganga during holy time according to Hindu calendar makes one earn virtue and do good deed.

Water of Ganga is considered to be sacred and medicinal one. Few people have a bath in Ganga to get free from all skin diseases and curse. Ganga’s glory cannot be explained in words. Morning and evening time Aarti is done on the ghats of river Ganga for her worship and dedication of human to her.

Cities through which Ganga flows and makes her way to Bay of Bengal are:-

•    Gaumukh

•    Rishikesh

•    New Delhi

•    Dev Prayag

•    Kanpur

•    Varnasi

•    Patna

•    Mokama

•    Bhagalpur

•    Calcutta

•    Nandigram

•    Sagar Island

•    Bay of Bengal

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