Navratri Fast Food Items – How to make Navratra Vrat Recipes


Navratra is celebrated with huge pomp and show in all over India. This festival season brings joy in heart of every people. Its celebration is celebrated in different ways in all different corners of India. West Bengal state welcomes Durga Puja is such a gesture and manner that it seems to be land of Goddesses Durga itself. The food for nine days completely changes as per different way. Lots of people keep fast for nine days long and celebrate the occasion with great pomp and show. Navratra, brings a simple and tasty collection of food, which is even also offered to Devi Maa as Bhog.

The top fifteen recipes for Navratra are as:-

1. Sabudana Khichadi: Sabudana is like small grains in its type and view. It is used in general for fast. It is neaither counted in cereal, grain or pulse. Sabudana kichidi is prepared without salt, onion, garlic and edible oil. A small quantity of ghee is added to preparation of it. It is served to Devi Durga.
2. Swang ke Chawal: Swang is made of milk product. It is not product of rice and grain. It is very well prepared with boiled in milk. It is served to Devi Maa and taken as Prasad or edible for fast.
3. Black Chana Sundel: Black chana is the black form of chana. Chana is mature form of sprouts so it can be taken as aahar for navratri and offered to Lordess.
4. Sabudana Dahi Vada: Curd is the solid state of milk. All milk products can be taken as pure food. Sabhdana is made into form of vada like and dipped into curd.
5. Makhana ki Kheer: Makhana ki kheer is very tasty one. Makhana is a dry kind of dry fruits. it is first roasted to red into sudh ghee and then boiled with thick milk.
6. Kuttu ke Aate ki Kadhi: Kuttu ka aata is also called as Singhara ka aata. Singahara is a sea fruit, which grows under water. A kadhi is prepared with this in spite of besan as used in normal course.
7. Sabudana Vada: Sabudana is a dry form of fruit like only and best for fast and Prasad. It is boiled and crushed down into minute pieces and made like vada structure and fried in ghee.
8. Aloo ka Raita: Potato though it is a vegetable, still it is counted in pure food. Aloo is very fruitful during fast and bhog to maintain needed enzyme and keep energy in body. It is well boiled and turned down into crushed form, and put into curd as raita.
9. Kuttu ke Aloo wale Pakode: Kuttu is mixed with boiled aloo and made into wada form with hands and deep fried into ghee.
10. Swang ke Chawal ki Kheer: It is very tasty cuisine. Swang rice is poured into hot milk added with sugar and comes down to boil.
11. Kuttu ki Poori: Kuttu ka aata is mixed with water and made as tight dough. It is properly planed in circle form and put into ghee for making poori.
12. Aloo Chat: Potatoes are boiled and cut into small small pieces. These are put into curd, a pinch of sendha salt and red chilli powder to make it as chat edible in navratri.
13. Kacche Kele ki Sabji: Kaccha kela is non ripen form of banana. It is boiled first and then its vegetable is prepared with ghee and spices.
14. Jeera Aloo: In jeera aloo, boiled potatoes are used to prepare with jeera as a only spice agent. In ghee a pinch of jeera is put and then potato is fried along with to make its vegetable.
15. Arbi Yam Oondhiya: It is an underground vegetable and taken as food in fast. It is also boiled first and then fried in ghee.
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