Navratra Festival – Nine Forms of Durga Maa and Nine Colors of Each Day


Navratri is the hindi word depicted for nine different colorful nights. Every night is very spectacular and powerful with every color and form of Devi Durga. Maa Durga is an idol for power and every year a ten day long festival is celebrated. Durga Puja is longest and biggest festival of India. Its mark and preparation starts from very early days before a beginning date. The welcome of Devi Durga; Lordess of power is welcomed and announced on the day celebrated as Mahalaya. From first day till ninth day all different formations and swaroops of Devi is worshiped with enchanting mantras, aarti with Counch shell, Dhol, and many other musical instruments.

First day:-

Form: Maa Shailputri

Color: Red

Date: 16th Oct, 2012.

Maa Shailputri is the first swaroop or form of Lordess Durga. It is the simplest form of Devi Durga and first stage of mahaswaroop or rudrarupa.

Second day:-

Form: Maa Brahmacharini

Color: Sky Blue

Date: 17th Oct, 2012.

Maa Brahmacharini is the saint like form of Devi Durga. In this form of her she doesn’t carry any arms, just a flower of lotus and kamandal in complete white sari.

Third day:-

Form: Maa Chandraghanta

Color: Yellow

Date: 18th Oct, 2012.

The Chandraghanta form is third form of her for her complete formation. In her this swaroop Devi is seated on Lion with a glazing face and arms in her hands.

Fourth day:-

Form: Maa Kushmanda

Color: Green

Date: 18th Oct, 2012.

The fourth image form is Maa Kushmanda. Her swaroop is very peaceful and calm. It is the major day among nine days. The typical kind of food as per day and its value is prepared. Bengalis prepare a rice flour made chapatti on earthen pot.

Fifth day:-

Form: Maa Skandamata

Color: Grey

Date: 19th Oct, 2012.

Fifth day is worship to Devi Durga as Skandamata swaroop. From this swaroop it seems she is blessed with lots of arms and blessed by Lord Brahma for Mahishasur Wadh.

Sixth day:-

Form: Maa Katyayani

Color: Orange

Date: 20th Oct, 2012.

Maa Katyayani is the sixth swaroop of Devi Durga. Her image is seated on Lion and with many arms and Lotus flower.

Seventh day:-

Form: Maa kalraatri

Color: White

Date: 21st Oct, 2012.

Maa Kalraatri is the most powerful swaroop and night during the nine days. This day many people do black magic to gain perfection in it.

Eighth day:-

Form: Maha Gauri

Color: Pink

Date: 22nd Oct, 2012.

From eighth day, Devi face is opened for all. From this day all people offers flower to God as a form of Pushpanjali. Fair is also put up in extreme from this very day.

Ninth day:-

Form: Maa Sidhidatri

Color: Blue

Date: 23rd Oct, 2012.

The ninth day is the last worship day of Devi Durga. On this last day she is in actual form of Mahishashur mardini. This day marks as very special day for ending up of Puja and get blessings of her.

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