Yamunotri – Source of Goddess Yamuna

Area, Population and Languages Spoken

This immensely scared Hindu pilgrimage positioned in the Tehri Garhwal Himalayas, birth place of River Yamuna also called Yamunotri. The scenic beauty of Yamunotri is awesome, whereas the river descends from Champasar glacier positioned close to peaks of Bandar Poonch and Srikantha.

  • Area: 1 sq. Km
  • Altitude: 3235 meters
  • Languages Spoken: Hindi, Garhwali and English
  • Population: 246 (1991)
  • STD Code: 0175
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India is the land of religion and spiritualism where several religious legendary sagas rule the mind, body and soul of the people. The great Himalayas are regarded as the abode of Gods. The scenic beauty of this land is wonderful with deep green valleys, glades and ravines mesmerize the whole world. Glaciers of Himalayas are the major source of all the rivers of India. River Yamuna commences from Yamunotri. At this holy place, sister of Shani and Yama, daughter of Surya, Devi Yamuna is worshipped in this holy place. During the Chardham tour, this is one of the pilgrim destinations.

Yamunotri is the abode of Asit Muni and primarily known for the hot water springs having medicinal properties. As a religious belief, people tie potatoes in a piece of cloth and dip in the boiling water. These boiled potatoes are the ‘prasad’ of this holy shrine. Devotees reach the holy shrine via Rishikesh and followed Hanuman Chatti which is positioned at 213 Km by road. Yamunotri is just 13 kms away from Hanuman Chatti. People also opt for pony ride as well as Palanquin.

Best Time to Visit

It would be advisable to avoid traveling during Monsoon or Snowing. The ideal time to visit this scared place is May to October. Devotees usually travel during Basant Utsav which is celebrated in the month of January or February. Various other local festivals are also celebrated here, such as Phool Devi during the month of March and Oligia during August.


Feel the holy atmosphere and essence of puja along sacred environment in the local shops, as it comprise of God statues along with all other things needed for worshipping. These local bazaars are full of sweet shops and souvenirs for the travelers. Mouth watering local foods are available in the local restaurants. This makes the trip enjoyable for the travelers.

Distance From Majer Cities

  • Kharsali is 1 km from Janak Chatti , which is a small highland village. Yamunotri is 7 kms from Janak Chatti. At Kharsali Lord Shiva is worshipped with the name of Someshwar.
  • From The Saptarishi Kund , Yamunotri is just 100 kms. The kund is scared as it hosts the popular Brahma Lotus.
  • Badkot Temple is 49 kms from Yamunotri.
  • Hanuman Chatti is the starting point of popular Dodi Tal trek. This is the location where Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna water meets. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Kempti falls.
  • How to ReachRegular buses are plying from Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Badkot, Dehradun, Haridwar and Mussoorie to arrive at Hanuman Chatti. Afterwards devotees need to start their journey on foot, palanquins or ponies. If you are coming from Dehradun to Hanuman Chatti then enjoy the scenic beauty of Kempti falls. To reach the nearest airport Jolly Grant to Yamunotri, you can also opt for private airliner. The airport is located at a distance of 70 kms from the sacred town.

Nearest Airport, Railway Station and Bus Stand

Abode of God, Sri Kedarnathji is the place where people comes to get rid of their sins and seek blessings from God for a happy and prosperous life. To reach Kedarnath Ji, visitors can approach:

  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant in Dehradun positioned 196 kms from Yamunotri.
  • Nearest Railway Stations: Dehradun Railway Station positioned 172 kms and Risikesh 213 kms.
  • Nearest Bus Stand: From the Dharasu divergence end road route is connected to Yamunotri.

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